if you want a safari, then Kenya safari is a must

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If the thought of a safari brings images of vast land with different animals, scenic views and plant life, then a Kenya safari is ideal for you. Kenya is undeniably the best place for a safari. It has amazing site-seeing spots for both flora and fauna. The best part is the variety of trips that tourists can choose from in this vast land.

For an amazing experience in the Kenya safari, one may choose to visit several places during their trip. A couple of days and nights in Samburu is a good start, just north of the glorious Mount Kenya. Lake Nakuru, the pink lake full of flamingoes is the next attraction. A trip to Nakuru aids the view of the infamous Rift Valley. Tsavo is one of the largest national parks which is a must-visit for the chance to see the big five animals in their natural habitat.

The majestic Masai Mara has put Kenya in the book of wonders with the main attraction of wildebeest migration. The migration is spectacular since the wildebeest cross the Mara River as the crocodiles prey on them. It is a sight to die for.

A Kenya safari is not complete without a trip to the coastal region. Mombasa seems to be the favorite of many tourists. The warm weather, surf and sand are pretty hard to say no to. Tourists can participate in skiing and watching marine life through glass-bottom boats.

Tourists have the option of travelling on land with cars or by plane. The plane option is faster and you get an amazing view of the country from the sky. The land option is just as spectacular as you get a one-on-one view of the land you travel through. This is definitely a safari worth engaging in.


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